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For many sales teams, it can be a constant challenge to get hold of new prospect data. Everyday sales team spends their time scouring professional social media platforms such as a LinkedIn, and searching Google just to find new and relevant prospect data to use. Locating new prospect data in this way is not only a time consuming process but and can often result in little data return. This is especially true if you’re selling in a niche market.

This process is flawed and many sales teams repeatedly encounter problems with the data they find. In some cases, the prospect data available online is out of date, resulting in wasted time and effort. Another issue is whether or not the right prospects are online in the first place. While may individuals use social media platforms to boost their online presence, many are still out of touch. One option for sales teams is to purchase prospect contact data from companies, but this too can become old and irrelevant quickly. Many prospects are conscious of their privacy and are likely to disregard any attempted contact through third party lists.

This leaves sales teams in a difficult position. Your time and money is wasted through outdated data collection efforts. What you need is an efficient solution to collecting relevant prospect data effectively. Having a stronger prospect data collection process leads to a higher contact rate, which in turn results in a better sales pipeline for you. So how do you make it that simple?

Infojoy is a top of the range verified contact data collection system which allows sales teams to collect relevant prospect data fast and effectively. By helping to increase your number of verified prospect data, Infojoy will help you and your team to gather a solid contact pool to work from. This will enable you to increase your contact rate and offer a clear opportunity with potential prospects that are relevant and suitable to your sales pitch. By gathering prospect data suitable to your business you will be able to make more meaningful contacts and are more likely to have a sustained sales revenue.

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